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'22 Fall Boys NCAA Clinic Series


HVA has been Growing The Game of boys volleyball in the Southwest for over 23 years. We've also been trying to RAISE THE LEVEL of the boys' game in Texas and the Southwest for many years. Now that we're seeing significant collegiate interest in our talent base, it's time to increase the exposure of these athletes with the TOP MENS COLLEGIATE PROGRAMS.  So, we're very proud to host the top coaches from around the US this fall. 



We will place the players into groups based on their graduation class, for recruiting purposes. The schedule of the clinic sessions will be either 9a-12 or 1-4p. Which group is placed into which timeslot will depend upon the amounting of players registered for one vs the other. Please clear your schedule in such a way to attend one or the other. 

The final schedule will be announced the week of each clinic.